Plantorium Greenhouse & Nursery’s Gardening Supplies and Soil in Fort Collins

If you’re looking for garden supplies in Fort Collins, CO, then look no further! Plantorium Greenhouse & Nursery supplies everything you need for your garden, because we know what plants need. In store you will find soil, seeds, bulbs, gardening tools, containers, garden decor and much more. So, stop in today or call for more information at 970-482-9145.

Gardening Supplies in Fort Collins

Gardening Supplies in Fort Collins

  • Clay pots, and also
  • Colorful and decorative patio pots, as well as
  • Garden gloves, garden shovels, and rakes, and also
  • Insecticides, plant food, potting soil, as well as
  • Bark and mulch.
  • Seed packages, and also
  • Water hoses, and also
  • Watering Cans, and also
  • Wands, and also
  • Yard Stakes.

Mulch, Compost & Soil in Fort Collins  – Call for availability

  • Bark Mulch (3 ft³)
  • Berger BM6 (3.8 ft³)
  • Cow/Humus (1.25 ft³)
  • SunShine Pro Grower Potting Soil (1.5 ft³ 45qt and 2.5 ft³ 75qt)
  • Large Bark (3 ft³)
  • Peat Moss (1 ft³, 2.2 ft³, and 3.8 ft³)
  • Red Cedar Mulch (2 ft³)
  • Sheep, Peat & Compost (1.25 ft³)
  • Steer Manure (1.25 ft³)
  • SunShine Soil #4 (3.8 ft³)
  • Top Soil (1.25 ft³)

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